Visualize a Complex Reality: Digital Design and 3D Modeling

Model modern house perspective render rendered floor plan Floor framing plan detail schematic model home design perspective render modern interior with perspective render from above
Interior design photorealistic render model home sketchy perspective render schematic conceptual drawing of studio in perspective view Penniman House photo-textured render machinery design schematic 3D Printed Protoreef product design Interior kitchen design photorealistic render
construction document detail of floor framing plan model modern house perspective render Conceptual night scene photo-realistic render sea wall ecological restoration perspective render wall construction detail The Colony photo-textured render barn and deck design perspective render


Design and Visualization

for designers, builders, real estate professionals and architects

WhosewoodsViz specializes in 3D modeling for architectural visualization, building and industrial design. Complex design ideas accurately and beautifully depicted in three dimensions with artistic or photo-realistic visuals or in an interactive virtual reality space.  Quick, reasonable and efficient collaborations.  Our clients use 2D and 3D visuals to describe proposed structures and objects, to visually depict the timing and organization of complex processes or to digitally iterate different solutions to a three dimensional problem.

Commercial and residential structures, machinery and industrial equipment, plot plans, floor plans, elevations, kitchens and construction documents.

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I am a designer and 3D modeler with over 15 years of experience using Sketchup and rendering applications to create visuals for construction diagrams, product designs, site plans, additions, kitchen designs and machinery. I also have extensive construction experience as a building contractor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have designed and built homes, additions, cabinetry and furniture as well as gear and machinery for the aquaculture industry. In our work, we use 3D modeling to describe and visualize structures, objects and processes. We have a graphic design component to our business called Whosewoods Design, where we use Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suites and offer web integration and development.

- Pat Woodbury

Imagine, Visualize, Create

Pat Woodbury


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